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The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt1 | TVAP EP19

December 16, 2021 The VFX Artists Podcast Season 1 Episode 19
The VFX Artists Podcast
The VFX Artists Podcast 2021 Rundown pt1 | TVAP EP19
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This has been a rollercoaster year for many of us and The VFX Artists Podcast is no exception.

A toddlers decision to play with toy cars at 3am changed the fate of 2 VFX artists who met up to reflect on how far the podcast has come in less than a year. With guests ranging from Matchmove Artists to Compositors, VR Developers to Stunt Performers, Character Modellers to VFX Supervisors, On-Set Data collectors, a Black Widow and more.

Originally planned as a single episode we cover a lot of ground. There are helicopters, career tips, kung fu masters.

So don your headphones, kick back and join Kofi and Daniel as they take you  through the highlights.

EP01 summary and takeaways with Ace Ruele - Motion capture/performance artist for film and games
EP02 summary and takeaways with Jorundur Rafn Arnarson - Game Of Thrones and On-Set VFX Supervisor
How Kofi came about starting The VFX Artists Podcast
EP03 summary and takeaways with Vladimir Venkov - Character modeler
EP04 summary and takeaways with David Cheung - Stunt actor/performer
EP05 summary and takeaways with Joseph Steel - Lidars and Photogrammetry for film
EP06 summary and takeaways with Sarah Gatefield - Matchmove for film, AR, VR & XR
EP07 summary and takeaways with Prince Yiadom - Compositing for film
EP08 summary and takeaways with Rory Bryans - VFX On Set Supervising at MPC London
What Kofi has learned from the guests on the show so far, and EP09 summary and takeaways with Yolanda Lynes - Black Widow actress
EP10 summary and takeaways with Paris Marin - Previs and Postvis (to be continued in pt2)